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Gutter Guard Seymour

Aussie Gutter Protection is a family-owned business, trusted for over 20 years by 12,000+ happy customers servicing the Metro Melbourne, Central Victoria and Regional Victoria regions.

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Good reasons to invest in a gutter guard for your Seymour home

Seymour is a fantastic place to live but being surrounded by bushland means we always must be vigilant about the dangers of bushfires. Keeping our homes safe is important, and one of the most important tasks to be done is to make sure combustible fuels such as leaves and twigs don’t accumulate around the home exterior.

This is easily achieved at ground level, but many home owners forget about the roof of their home. Sure, occasionally they’ll get up a ladder and clean out the gutters (a most unpleasant but necessary task for unprotected guttering) and this helps, but it’s not absolute protection unless you’re cleaning out those gutters every day.

Nobody has the time or inclination to do that, so the best solution is to buy a gutter guard. This device stops leaves and other similar contaminants from accumulating in your guttering. This means clean gutters, no more dangerous and unpleasant gutter cleaning chores, and reduced fire risk. Everything about gutter guards is good.

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3 Steps to Clean Gutters

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We install gutter guard on your home to prevent blocked gutters

Why leaves are so troublesome

Every tree needs to occasionally shed its leaves. There aren’t enough koalas left to naturally take care of the problem for us, so that’s the reason you need to constantly rake up piles of leaves and keep your gutters clean.

Raking isn’t generally too much of a bother – especially if you pay someone else to do it – but it’s a different scenario when it comes to cleaning out guttering. This task requires you to climb up a ladder, which can be unsafe no matter how careful you are. Once you’re up there, you’ve then got to scrub and scrape to get rid of all the dirt, while also holding your breath so you won’t inhale the noxious stench emanating from the leaf masses.

Now, leaf masses are a particular annoyance. As stated above, when they’re dry, they contribute to the fire risk. Actually, they can even slightly increase your fire risk even if they’re wet.

An interesting thing about wet leaf masses is they have the potential to spontaneously combust as they dry out. What happens is that microbes fermenting inside the mass generate heat. Once the moisture content of the leaf mass drops to around 25%, the conditions can be just right for the mass to burst into flames.

Another problem of wet leaf masses is they attract more leaves. Over time, the masses can grow very large, and that creates weight (the mass also can absorb many times its own weight in water). Eventually it’s possible for the mass to become so heavy it causes the guttering to pull away from the roof. This is costly to fix and obviously annoying.

Gutter Before Gutter Guard Installation
Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

Choosing Aussie Gutter Protection to perform your Gutter Guard installation in Seymour

Our company is the right choice when you care about getting the best value, and being sure you have a quality product that is installed properly.

The gutter guard product you will get from us is a high quality flexible mesh barrier that does the job it is designed to do. A key feature is that it is UV stabilized so it can cope with the harsh reality of an Aussie summer. This means it’s long lasting and strong. You probably won’t need to replace it in your lifetime once it’s installed.

Our expert installers can install this product for you quickly, safely, and efficiently. For the best results, be sure to choose Aussie Gutter Protection as your gutter guard installer in Seymour.

Aussie Gutter Protection offer full gutter protection by providing Australia’s best gutter guard covers. Protect your gutter from unwanted leaves, birds & dirt at the best possible prices.

Why choose us?

Trusted for over 20 years by 12,000+ happy customers. Aussie Gutter Protection is a family owned business, and we understand the importance of family values when dealing with homeowners.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guard (also referred to as gutter protection or leaf guard) is a product that has been developed to prevent damage and the inconvenience caused by clogged gutters in residential and commercial buildings.

Bird Proofing

For homes across Australia, it’s quite common to be faced with problems related to birds and pests inhabiting their roofs. You often don’t know what exactly is causing that scratching, chirping or chewing sound; it could be birds, mice, possums or rats making your roof their new home.

Just a few examples of the many testimonials received from our happy customers.

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