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Are Bunning’s Gutter Guards Any Good?

Posted on January 10, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Are Bunnings Gutter Guards Good?

    As one of the most popular DIY outlets for Australians, Bunnings provide customers with a mix of well-known brands alongside their own branded items. When it comes to gutter guards, Bunnings provides a selection of options:

    Brush Gutter Guard

    Costing $15 a metre, the Brush Gutter Guard is one of the cheapest solutions available and is a well-rounded solution for many homes. Made from a durable and fire retardant material, they simply slot directly into your gutter and the bristles are designed to brush away leaves and debris. 

    With an average Australian home needing around 30 metres to fully protect a property, a typical homeowner will be looking at paying around $450 to cover every gutter. Whilst being quick to install solution, they are not a complete solution. Leaves and debris are still able to find their way through the bristles and into your gutter system, whilst the lifespan is also limited to a few years. 

    Brush Gutter Guard
    foam gutter guards

    Foam Inserts

    One of the cheapest solutions for protecting your gutter, a Foam Insert will cost you around $10 per metre and are another quick and easy guard to install. The Bunnings foam guards are fire retardant and are also UV stabilised which helps to ensure an extended lifespan. 

    Working in the same way as the brush guards do, the foam inserts prevent leaves from entering the system whilst still allowing water to flow freely. They do have their downsides though, by creating a flat surface on the top of your gutter they can act as a platform which leaves and debris can build up on. 

    Alongside that, the foam itself acts as the perfect habitat for the growth of mould and plants; so without regular maintenance and cleaning, you will be significantly reducing the lifespan of your guard. 

    Fixed Mesh

    The fixed mesh gutter guard solution is a popular choice for homeowners across Australia. Costing around $12 for a metre, a typical home will cost just under $400 to fully protect. The steel guard is highly durable, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

    Steel is a more superior solution to aluminium and the small holes ensure that most debris is blocked from entering your gutter. Attaching directly to your roof, fixed mesh solutions require a bit more skill to install but are still capable of being fitted by DIY enthusiasts.

    Just like the foam insert though, mesh guards do create a flat surface at the top of the gutter which can act as a platform for leaves and debris to build up on which will require regular cleaning and maintenance.

    mesh panel gutter guard
    mesh panels or gutter screen

    Stay Mesh

    Much like its metal counterpart, Stay Mesh is a plastic gutter guard that slots directly into the gutter. A cheap solution, a metre costs just under $10 and is able to fit most gutter systems. Because they can simply be placed in the gutter, installation only takes seconds and the Bunnings range is UV stabilised which helps to improve the lifespan of the guard. 

    Although it is a cheap and durable solution, plastic guards do not last as long as their metal cousins and can also be easily clogged up. Acting the same way as mesh and foam guards, the flat surface works well to disperse most debris but a build-up can occur without regular maintenance – particularly on roofs that are flat. 

    Gumleaf Sheets

    Costing just $12.50 for a metre, the Gumleaf Sheets work in a similar way to the fitted mesh sheets but their high durability and strength help make these a great value solution for most homes. The Bunnings range has been tried and tested and are able to keep gutters clean and clear for long periods of time.

    However, like most gutter guards they do create a flat surface at the top of the gutter which can result in a significant build-up of leaves and debris that will require you to climb up a ladder and clean. This is a particularly prominent problem on houses that have flat roofs.


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    Bunnings gutter guard cost comparison

    ProductCost per metreCost per 30 metres
    Brush Guard$15$450
    Foam Inserts$10$300
    Fixed Mesh$12$360
    Stay Mesh$10$300
    Gumleaf Sheets$12.50$375

    Of course whilst they are one of the biggest providers of home DIY products, Bunnings is not the only provider and you can shop around many sites especially eBay often have similar products on offer. If you are considering a Professional Gutter Guard system that can overcome many of the limitations of the DIY systems please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Our proven solutions are suitable to protect any type of home and we cover a wide array of gutter guards. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills or would like to ensure your gutter guards are installed correctly, our team of professionals can install them for you – which also gives you a warranty on the product and installation. To find out more, get in touch with us today!

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