Accredited Gutter Guard Installers

Accredited Gutter Guard Installers

Did you know, all of our gutter guard installers are Aussie Gutter Protection ‘Accredited Installers’? This means they have extensive experience installing gutter protection systems to a variety of roof types across Melbourne and Victoria.

Our in depth training and development program has been created for our gutter guard team to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to safely and professionally install gutter protection systems for your home.

Broadly the Gutter Guard Installation Program Involves:

1. Product Familiarity – Gutter Guard 

Ensuring each team member has a comprehensive understanding of our gutter guard solutions and in-depth knowledge of Tapex gutter guards.

2. Working Safely at Heights

Successful completion of the Working Safely at Heights course is the next critical step. This is a government certified program for people working in operational roles that involve the requirement of performing work at heights. This program contains the following elements and performance criteria:

1. Identify Work Requirements

1.1       Access, interpretation and application of height safety procedures.

1.2       Site inspection to assess layout, structure condition, weather conditions, equipment requirements and potential hazards.

1.3       Adherence to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements.

1.4       Identify, select and review safety equipment.

1.5       Identify, manage and report potential risks and hazards.

2.    Identify Work Procedures and Instructions

2.1    Select materials, tools, equipment and check for serviceability and consult with authorised personnel.

2.2    Personal protective equipment selection.

2.3    Inspect and install fall protection and perimeter protection equipment.

2.4    Identify appropriate methods of moving tools and equipment within the work area.

2.5    Ensure relevant safety systems have been installed correctly.

2.6    Select and install applicable barricades and signs.

3.    Access and Equipment

3.1    Ensure fall protection and equipment is fitted and adjusted correctly, in consultation with authorized personnel.
3.2    Ensure required equipment is installed.
3.3    Use recommended methods to access work area.
3.4    Eliminate or minimise the risk of tools or items being knocked down.

4.    Perform Work at Heights

4.1    Review ground access to work area to ensure it is safe.
4.2    Ensure fall equipment is in place and appropriately adjusted.
4.3    Undertake manual handling of equipment and materials.
4.4    Ensure materials and equipment is safely secured.
4.5    Check safety system periodically for compliance.
4.6    Supervise risk control to ensure effectiveness and appropriateness.
4.7    Continually assess risk control measures, throughout process.

5.    Clean Up Work Area

5.1    Ensure safety systems are dismantled and removed in consultation with authorised personnel.
5.2    Clear area and recycle or dispose of materials.
5.3    Clean, check, maintain and store appropriate tools and equipment.

3. Elevated Work Platform Training

Training for an elevating work platform (EWP) builds on the working safely at heights certification.

This involves working with either a telescoping device, articulated device or hinged device to support a platform from which to work from.

4. Field Experience

Nothing can replace hands on field experience. This step involves a team member partnering with an experienced installer and putting theory into practice.

We provide one-on-one independent training, which is followed by quality control inspections by head office to cross-check the quality of the gutter installation. This helps validate our workmanship and allows us to confidently offer a 20-year guarantee.

5. Customer Service Skills & Administration

Each team member is trained on how to deliver our renowned customer service, ensuring each and every customer is satisfied with not only the gutter guard or bird proofing installation but the entire experience with Aussie Gutter Protection. This step also includes an in-house systems familiarisation to ensure our proven systems are followed and adhered to.

6. Customer Feedback

Once a team member is certified as an accredited installer, it doesn’t stop there. We constantly obtain feedback from our customers to ensure the service and experience they receive is positive. This is a key evaluation criteria for all employees, that is measured regularly.

No matter what roof type, no matter what the problem, you can rest assured our friendly installers are the best in the industry. They’re fully licenced to work safely at height and they guarantee their work for  years! Contact the team to find out more or for a free quote.

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