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Why Spring is Bird Breeding Season

Posted on September 29, 2018
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Breeding among birds can occur during different seasons of the year. However, spring is a popular choice for many bird species in Australia to mate. The main reason being that spring is the ideal time for the newborn chicks to have their best chance at survival.

    Some species of birds found in Australia that breed during spring include Superb Fairywren, Welcome Swallow, Butcherbirds, Magpie, and Noisy Miners.

    While it’s a pleasant experience seeing birds perching in trees in your backyard, bird breeding season can result in an increased risk of birds nesting in your roof. Birds will be looking for a safe and cosy place to lay their eggs and care for their little ones, and a small crevice in your roof is often an ideal choice. Warm, cosy, and safe from the elements and many predators, birds will wriggle through the tightest of spaces to find the perfect nesting spot.

    Those whose homes are prone to bird nesting can watch out for signs of breeding so they can prevent birds from nesting in their roof.

    Some Signs of Bird Breeding Include:

    If you witness some of this bird behaviour in your backyard, it’s likely those birds will end up finding a safe spot in your gutters or roof cavity to make their nest. Birds breeding in your roof can be a real nuisance. They scratch, chirp, and make sounds that can keep you awake for most of the night. Nesting birds can also damage your roof, block gutters, cause rot and leaks, attract pests and transmit diseases. Their excrement is incredibly acidic and can corrode your roofing and ceiling materials. When birds are making their nests, they’ll collect items from around your home, and it’s not always just sticks and leaves! Birds can rip cladding and wiring from your home.

    Bird Breeding Season Can Result in Damage to Your Home

    Birds can create extensive damage to your home, so before bird breeding season begins, you should consider bird proofing your home with the help of bird proofing experts in MelbourneSome bird proofing measures include putting up spikes, hawking and netting. You can also acquire an ultrasonic bird repellent, or better still, get gutter guard experts toinstall gutter guard mesh in your gutters. Gutter guards can help prevent damage caused by nesting birds that block your gutters and drains with their nests.

    Call the Bird Proofing Experts

    Enlist the services of bird proofing experts, Aussie Gutter Protection, to protect your home from bird breeding season. Their expert team can fully bird proof your home before bird breeding season begins, and install gutter guard protection to prevent birds from nesting in your gutters. Call the team for a free quote.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

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