How Gutter Guards Can Help Prevent The Risk Of Falling!

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How Gutter Guards Can Help Prevent The Risk Of Falling!

Whether you love it or hate it, DIY is something that we all undertake at some point in our life. From small jobs around the home to those slightly more optimistic larger jobs, it can be equal amounts frustration and fun, as well as offering a massive sense of achievement when it has been completed… but how often do we think about the dangers we might be facing when completing some of these jobs?


Installing a gutter guard to your home can help to stop your guttering system from getting clogged up – but it could also help to save you from serious injury! We all know blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your property, from water damaged ceilings to flooded rooms, and a guard will stop that debris from building up; reducing the amount of times you need to climb a ladder onto your roof.


How dangerous can climbing a ladder be you ask? Well you might be surprised to hear that every year it is estimated around 4-5,000 Australians are hospitalised after falling off of a ladder whilst on average 19 people each year are killed as a result of falling from one. Those nearing, or are already at, the age of retirement are most at risk with 32% of deaths being those between 70-79 years of age.


With 96% of deaths being males, the preference to undertake DIY is considered a major contributing factor to the shocking figures. It does not take a huge fall to cause serious injury either though, just a small fall of 2 metres is enough to cause you broken bones, spinal damage and even brain damage.


With such a high risk, is it really worth climbing that ladder to clean out your gutters? Well unfortunately, it is an essential maintenance task that we all need to carry out to prevent serious damage occurring to our property. Overflowing gutters from blockages, particularly after a heavy storm, is one of the leading causes of leaks and damage within the home. If it is not water damage, then an uncovered gutter is also a welcoming home for pests and vermin, who can find their way into your property and build a nest in your roof.


Installing a gutter guard to your property is the best solution to reduce the amount of times that you need to climb a ladder and provide your home with maximum protection from leaves, branches, dirt and other small debris. A gutter guard will prevent these items from entering your guttering system, pushing them down to the ground whilst still allowing water to run through unobstructed. There are many different types of guards available, catering for all types of debris, home and budget.


However it is important to remember that no gutter guard is 100% maintenance free and homeowners will still need to clean and empty the small amount of debris that is able to find its way into your guttering system. These guards will significantly reduce your exposure to ladders and potential falls.


Of course installing a gutter guard has many other benefits too. Not only will it reduce your exposure to ladders and prevent clogged systems potentially damaging your home but it can also help to extend the lifespan of your gutters too and reduce the risk of rust and corrosion.


Alongside that, if you live in an area that is prone to bush fires, then there are certain guards available (typically known as an ember guard) that are specifically designed to prevent burning embers and debris from finding their way into your home. These embers are one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to causing devastating fire damage to properties, so installing an ember guard is essential to protecting your home.


With all of these factors combined, it makes complete sense to install gutter guards to your property. Whilst cleaning out your gutter might seem like a simple DIY task to carry out, when you add in the risk of climbing a ladder whilst carrying the various tools needed to empty out the debris and dirt, it is easy to see why falls are such a common occurrence. Reduce those risks and reduce the mundane task of cleaning by installing gutter guards to your property and begin reaping the awards immediately.


Not sure which guard is most suitable for you home? Get in touch with our team of experts today and let them talk you through the various options; allowing you to choose the perfect style for your home and budget.

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