Help Fire Proof Your Home with Gutter Guards

Help Fire Proof Your Home with Gutter Guards

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Summertime brings long hot days, barbeques and days at the beach. But with that comes very high temperatures and extreme fire risk for many homes across Australia.

Many houses are at risk of fire due to bush fire season, and those located around bushland areas are under the most threat, as embers from bush fires can start a fire in your home from built up debris in your gutters.

A house fire can be started from the embers of another fire up to five kilometres away, and up to 90% of house fires are started from distant embers. So even if you think you’re far away from a bush fire, you’re still at risk.

So how can you protect your home from fire?

It’s important to protect your home from fire, especially during bush fire season. A simple and easy method of fire protecting your home is to install gutter guards on your roof. Gutter guards act as a barrier that stops debris from building up in your gutters, and are made from high quality, fire-rated materials.

Although installing gutter guard mesh will not completely protect your house from every type of fire, it is your best bet in eliminating the fire risk associated with the build up of dry debris.

And it’s this debris build up that flying embers use as fuel to ignite into a deadly fire. Reduce the debris, and you reduce your risk. Other fire protection methods include:

  • Where possible, ensure mature trees are strategically located to shield against radiant heat and embers.
  • Keep your grass cut.
  • Keep flammable items away from decks or areas near your home.
  • Avoid using flammable mulch in your garden. Instead, use pebbles or rocks.
  • Ensure logs are not located directly next to or under windows.
  • Store firewood away from the house.
  • Remove dry leaves, bark, sticks, weeds and grass.
  • Keep shrubs and plants well pruned.
  • Make sure you also have working fire alarms inside your house and a fire extinguisher.
  • Prepare a fire survival plan.
  • For more tips and advice, visit the CFA website:


Protect your home and yourself:Gutter Guard on a tile roof

Gutter guards are a key method for preventing fires from starting on the outside of your house, but they are not the only defence. It requires a number of considerations.

Installing a full gutter protector system also eliminates the need to clean your gutters out every week, saving you time and money.

Climbing up a ladder to clean your gutters is sometimes tedious and often dangerous. So not having to clean out your gutters means you won’t have to risk an injury by climbing up a ladder to maintain clean gutters.

For more information to enquire about a gutter guard solution for your home, contact our friendly team today.

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