Are Solar Skirts Worth It?

Are Solar Skirts Worth It?

With global warming becoming an everyday conversation, many home owners across Australia are looking at ways to make their life more eco-friendly and reduce their carbon foot print and long with their electricity bills during the summer months with the AC running. One of the most popular ways to do this is to install solar panels onto the roof of their property.


Whilst this might be an expensive outlay to start with, once a property has solar panels installed they are able to provide a number of benefits to the property owner. Most importantly is the fact that your electricity bills will be significantly lower, with bills typically coming in around 40-50% lower.


Of course alongside reducing your carbon emissions, solar panels also have no running costs, low maintenance costs and are incredibly long lasting – although they do need to be regularly maintained.


In order to work at maximum efficiency, your solar panels need to have a good level of airflow underneath them; keeping them cool and helping them to work to produce the most amount of energy possible. This might seem an easy thing to do, but what many first time installers do not realise is that the space underneath the panels is a haven for animals and debris.


Small rodents and birds often use the space to create their nests; the size of the panels keeps them dry and protected from the elements whilst the heat generated creates a warm and cosy environment. When these creatures move in, it can create a lot of mess on your roof as well as being increasingly smelly and noisy. On top of that, the longer they remain living there, the higher the chances of serious damage to your solar panels is.


Whilst pigeons nesting under the roof do not necessarily cause direct damage to the solar system itself, they do create a lot of mess and disturbance. Their nests can also cause a large retention of water on the roof, which can then lead to significant damage to the roof. Bird droppings are also a serious health risk, with large amounts of droppings known to cause diseases such as Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcus.


On the other hand small rodents, such as squirrels and mice, can cause real problems to the panels and their overall function. Rodents love to chew away at the wiring and insulation underneath the panels, with some home owners seeing entire panels destroyed after an infestation. The longer these rodents have to chew away at the wires, the more open wires that are left exposed and the bigger the problem you will be facing; with exposed wires known to be a significant fire risk.


Of course it is not just animals that homeowners need to look out for underneath their solar panels. The environment plays a significant risk too, with leaves and other flammable debris known to build up underneath the panels; creating a significant fire risk. This is a more common problem for those living in more rural areas or properties surrounded by trees and bushes.


There are a number of ways to protect against these risks however and installing a Solar Panel Skirting around the edge of your installation will prevent animals from nesting underneath. Made from a tough metal, these guards feature small mesh holes that prevent animals from crawling through and nesting, whilst still allowing for maximum air flow.  This mesh also prevents debris from building up underneath the panels, preventing a potential fire risk.


Alongside the protection elements, installing a Solar Panel Skirt to your installation can also significantly improve the aesthetic look of the panels, making them more pleasing on the eye from ground level.


Whilst installing Solar Panel Skirting is not particularly cheap, the protection it offers significantly improves the safety of your home. You will be able to considerably reduce the risk of fire, as well as helping to improve the cleanliness and structural security of your roof.


When it comes to installing Solar Panel Skirting, they are relatively easy to install however it is very time consuming for those without experience. Whilst they can be installed during your weekend DIY plans, it is recommended to use the skills of a professional installer; not only will it require working at height but it is very easy to damage the solar panels if you are not 100% certain on what you are doing.


So should you install a Solar Panel Skirting to your roof? If you are finding that there are rodents beginning to nest under your panels, are noticing more bird droppings on your roof or you are live in a rural area and your house is surrounded by trees, you could significantly benefit from installing a system to your property.

When you decide to look into a solar skirt you will want a system that will have the same warranty period as the panels they will be attached to. Most solar panels come with a 25 warranty period which means that the best solution for most homes is an Aluminium system. These tend to have better longevity than their plastic counterparts. Both plastic and Aluminium systems are available for DIY installs on sites like eBay, and of course if you would like to by direct from Aussie gutter protection or like to have a system professionally installed either in Victoria, or throughout Australia via our registered distributors we are happy to help.


Whilst installing the system might seem like a big financial outlay to make, the safety it provides your family is worth the cost. So if you want to protect your property, get in touch to day to speak to our team of professionals today to find out more.

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