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5 Things to Make Sure You Get The Perfect Gutter Guard

Posted on February 17, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    You might think that a gutter guard is a simple item to affix to your guttering system and will then prevent your gutter from being clogged up with unwanted debris and rubbish. Whilst that is certainly the case, these guards actually do a lot more than just act as a barrier from dead leaves.

    When choosing the type of guard that you want to install in your property, it is important to remember these five key points:

    How will the gutter guard system keep leaves from entering your gutter?

    This is the primary decision to think about when choosing a system to install onto your home. This will be based on a number of different factors, including your budget, location and size of your property.

    If you are surrounded by trees and are facing a lot of dead leaves and seeds, then you will need a system that has a fine mesh to prevent these from entering the guttering system. However if you live in an area known for featuring more wildlife, then you might need a sturdier and more robust solution to prevent these pests from entering your guttering system and setting up a nest in your home.

    Integrated Mesh Gutter Guards or leaf guard
    integrated mesh gutter guards

    How will the leaves and debris be removed from the roof?

    No gutter guard solution is completely 100% fool proof however and some dirt and debris will still find its way into your system; meaning you will still occasionally need to climb a ladder and clean out your gutters. However a good gutter guard will help to reduce the amount of times you have to clean the system significantly.

    In between those periods of cleaning, you will want your gutter guard system to be pushing the leaves away from your roof and to the ground as best as possible. Whilst flat systems such as foam inserts and brush guards are cheap, they are not as good at naturally removing leaves as other styles on the market. So if you are looking to reduce the amount of times you climb onto your roof, consider which will remove as much debris from your roof as possible.

    What will happen when it rains?

    This is another very important aspect when it comes to choosing the right gutter guard solution for your property. You need your system to be allowing as much rain water as possible through the barrier and into your guttering system.

    Mesh wiring is probably the most effective at letting water flow through the system, along with brush guards, however they are not as effective at preventing debris from entering. On the other hand, plastic guards are fantastic at stopping debris from entering but are known to not be as effective at allowing rain water into your guttering. If you’re living in an area prone to heavy rain, then this will be a specific factor you will have to cater for.

    What will happen in strong winds?

    Does your property frequently face strong storms and winds? If so then you will need to ensure that your gutter guard is affixed securely to your property. Systems such as foam inserts and brush guards are rarely fixed into the gutter, meaning strong winds could see these dislodged from the system and even blown away. Using plastic or metal mesh guards that are affixed directly to your roof and act like a shelf over your guttering system are often the most secure and will be able to withstand strong winds and storms whilst still working as effectively as possible.

    What will happen during bush fires?

    Live in a bush fire prone area? Burning embers carried on the wind are one of the biggest threats to property owners as they can enter your guttering system and ignite flammable material such as dead leaves and twigs.

    In order to prevent this from happening, you can install special ember guards to your property which will prevent these burning embers from entering the gutter or any other gaps in your roof.

    When it comes to installing a gutter guard to your property, it is not simply of case of buying a cheap solution and slotting it into your guttering. In order for it to work properly and protect your home as it was designed to do, it is important you think of it as a system that can cater for all five points above. By ensuring it meets your exact criteria, you will be able to fully protect your home.

    If you are not sure what solution is right for your property, speak to a professional gutter guard company today. Our team of experts will be able to work with you to discuss the various options available so you can find a solution that meets your needs and budget – give us a call today and protect your home.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

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