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3 Reasons to Check Your Gutter Guards are Tank Water Rated

Posted on February 16, 2020
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Increasingly, homeowners across Australia are harvesting rain water from their roof and guttering system to store in special tanks, with the water then being able to be used for both internal and external requirements.

    Before we look at why you need to ensure your gutter guards are tank water rated, let’s take a quick look at why more Australians are increasingly harvesting rain water…

    What are the benefits?

    Primarily, harvesting rain water means homeowners are able to significantly reduce their reliance on main water systems, which in turn reduces the pressure on water dams and reservoirs and therefore prevents the need for larger constructions disrupting the natural habitat.

    This water is able to be used for a host of different uses around your home; from watering your garden plants, flushing your toilet, cleaning your car and (with a bit of filtration) even drinking water! This collectively can help homeowners save up to 70% of their water bill compared to those who do not harvest rain water.


    Thinking about harvesting rain water? If you are simply using it to water your plants then there are not too many things you need to worry about however if you plan to use the water within the home, where it will then either be used or be in close proximity of your family and pets then you need to safeguard against certain dangers.

    For drinking water, it is vital that all Australian Drinking Water Guidelines are met to guarantee against contaminants and dangers. So how do gutter guards come into it? They will be the first barrier in stopping debris and contaminants from entering your systems, but using guards which are not tank water rated can cause further problems – so here’s three reasons why you need to ensure yours are:

    gutter guard mesh on corrugated roof

    Industry reputation

    If you are purchasing a gutter guard that has been tank water rated, it means you will be purchasing a product that has been independently tested by the Australian Water Quality Centre to meet the required AS4020 water standard. This is a significant testing process and cements the company’s reputation within the industry.

    By meeting this standard, it means that the guards are able to filter out a lot of contaminants whilst still allowing water to enter freely; meaning only clean water will enter your storage tanks.

    AS4020 also means they are able to prevent pests from entering the system (which could lead to further contamination) as well as stopping any leaves, twigs or other debris from entering into your water storage tanks.

    Your gutter guard is safe

    Another benefit of ensuring your gutter guards have been correctly water tank rated is that you will be able to guarantee that the guards themselves are not secreting any chemicals or dangerous substances into the water system.

    Using standard gutter guards might help to filter contaminants just as effectively but the materials they are made from are not always suitable to come into contact with items that you would consume. Some plastics are known to leak chemicals into the water which, if then consumed, can be very dangerous to the human body.

    Equally, poorly protected metal guards can also either leak corrosion into your drinking water or those that have been poorly powder coated can emit chemicals into the water in the same way plastics can. Not only that, but over time the powder coating itself could begin to chip and flake off too.


    Helps to create safe drinking water

    If you are thinking about collecting rain water to then use within the home as drinking water for either your family or your pets, then it is imperative that your gutter guards are water tank rated. This will provide you with the first stages of the relevant filtration needed to ensure it is completely safe to consume.

    By collecting rain water to use as drinking water, you will be able to save huge amounts on your utility bills – which will let you put that money towards enjoying more things in life!

    So if you are thinking about beginning to harvest rain water, begin by installing the correct gutter guards to your property to ensure that the water you collect is safe. If you are unsure if your existing guards meet the required standard, or want to find out more about water tank rated guards, then gutter protection supplier. get in touch with our experienced team today.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

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