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If you’re using tank water, you’re already aware of the importance of properly treating the water in the tanks and practising good water hygiene. The problem is that nature works against your efforts, and there are many ways for contaminants to find their way into your water tanks.

A water tank leaf screen will help keep your water supply clean

Many contaminants, especially if they’re dropped into your guttering by birds, can contain harmful pathogens and parasites. Besides this, you might notice discolouration, bad smells, or bad taste in the water.

This is often caused by leaf tannins and other contaminants. Leaves are a major problem for the guttering on Australian homes, and they’re responsible for most of the adverse conditions that affect roofs, guttering, pipes, and water tanks.

In nearly every case, no matter what kind of problem you notice with your water supply system, you’ll be able to trace the root cause back to a leaf build up.

How leaves become such a bad problem

Leaves are really good for trees, but they’re terrible for water systems. It all begins with a few dry leaves blowing or falling onto the roof. A light rain comes and washes them into the guttering where a few of them stick to the metal. The leaves soak up water and become sodden. The next batch of leaves that blow in will stick to the original leaves, and the whole process repeats over and over.

Left without any intervention, the leaf masses can reach a considerable size. This alone can be enough to cause structural damage if a mass is heavy enough. But what is more of a problem is the natural fermentation process leaf masses will undergo as a result of bacterial action. This will produce toxins, bad smells, and bitter tannins. In situations where a lot of anaerobic bacteria are trapped in a leaf mass, hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) can be generated, and this is highly toxic and potentially explosive.

Leaf masses also block the normal flow of water through the guttering, and some of the water may back up and leave a pool in the gutter. This will attract birds to bathe, feed, and drink in your gutters. Much worse will be the scenario where the birds decide to make a nest in the gutter, as it exacerbates the original problem and can lead to more serious ones such as attracting mice, rats, and snakes.

How a leaf screen helps

The leaf screens made, sold, and installed by Aussie Gutter Protection are specially designed to prevent leaf masses from forming in guttering or entering water tanks. They also do an effective job of keeping out other contaminants, while not interfering with rainwater collection.

The result is cleaner water that is more hygienic and easier to treat. You can also be more sure that there is a much lower chance of anything particularly nasty having entered your water supply.

In every case, tank water should always be boiled, filtered, or otherwise treated for impurities and pathogens before consumption. Keeping out leaves and other contaminants is only the first step, but it is a very important one, especially if you don’t want your water to be discoloured, smelly, or have a nasty taste.

To find out more about water tank leaf screening, call the experts at Aussie Gutter Protection.

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