Top Tips for Renovating an Old Home

Posted on October 19, 2017
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    As property prices continue to rise, it can often seem unimaginable to own your own home.   These days, it’s more cost effective to buy an older home and renovate yourself, than to purchase a newly decorated home.

    Here are 10 top tips to renovating an old home:

    1. Create the vision

    Having a vision of what you want your refurbished place to look like is essential in guiding any future renovations. Do your research. Plan your dream home. Hire an architect. These visions, goals and dreams will guide all future renovations.

    2. Make a budget

    Weather you have a lot of money to allocate to renovations or not, you can always start small. You can build and make small adjustments to your property when you see fit. It’s yours after all. Be sure to buy quality materials that will withstand the elements.

    3. Keep your paint colours neutral

    Paint your interior and exterior walls neutral colours. Nail down a colour that you love, then apply that across the house. Neutral colours make your house have a seamless and smooth feel, and add plenty of value when it comes time to resell.

    4. Avoid going too trendy

    People often make the mistake of wanting to be too trendy and spending too much on items that will date fast. You will want something that’s going to stand the test of time that also suits your personal style.

    5. Add insulation

    A warm, dry home is essential come winter time. Poor insulation results in a range of issues such as heat loss, poor health, high energy bills and uncomfortable homes. Insulation is a must to keep your family warm and dry while reducing unnecessary costs over the colder months of winter.

    6. Upgrade your kitchen

    A kitchen is a centrepiece of your home, and it’s the best opportunity to add significant value to your home. It’s one of the most critical areas to get right, and if you do, you could easily over-capitalise on your property. It is essential to get a balance of the practicality vs the cost.

    7. Groom your garden

    It’s important to create a low-maintenance garden that requires little upkeep. A well planned and organised garden will offer plenty of room to have fun, to enjoy the sun, and to establish some privacy.

    8. Showcase your wooden floorboards

    If you have beautiful wooden floorboards underneath your kitchen lino, remove and polish these to bring out all its natural beauty. Not only are you are bringing some edge to your home, you are capitalising on the beauty of an older home and recreating the appearance to enhance your property for the years to come.

    9. Replace worn carpets

    New carpets add an instant lift to your home, providing comfort, warmth, and a homely touch. Be careful with your colour choice, lighter coloured carpets show more stains, but darker carpets show more lint. If you have a pet cat or dog, consider a carpet colour similar to their fur colour so it isn’t so obvious when they shed!

    10. Tend to the roof

    A fully tailored gutter protection system that suits your roof will be crucial in capturing the rain water that enters your gutters and ensuring all gutters remain clear of sticks, insects and birds’ nests. Speaking of birds, also make sure your roof is not doubling as a cushy place for birds to nest.

    Aussie Gutter Protection are the leaders in the bird proofing and gutter guard installation services, safeguarding your home from pests, insects and a build-up of debris. Contact them for a free quote or a personalised bird proofing and gutter guard plan for your home.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

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