Screening Tank Water

If your household depends on tank water, it is essential to make sure the water you collect is as clean as possible. Standard water treatment is hopefully a practice you’re already following, and it’s always a good idea to boil water that you intend to drink unless you’re certain of the total hygiene of the source.

Screening tank water for better health protection

Adding screening material to your water tank inlets and rainwater gutters is a positive step you can take to help ensure there are less contaminants in your tank water supply. Fewer contaminants puts less strain on your water treatment method, so you’ll have more assurance of a cleaner water supply.

The tragic state of unprotected guttering

Guttering is the most important part of a rainwater supply system because it is the conduit by which water gets from the sky into your storage tanks. The big problem for guttering is that it can collect much more than just water. All kinds of things can fall into the gutter.

Over time, debris that collects in the guttering will eventually form a disgusting smelly clumping mass of rotting leaves, twigs, gum nuts, bird poo, and maybe a few other things that are better not to even think about.

These clumps impede the normal flow of the water, causing back ups and overflows. Dirt that would normally be swept away by the wind instead clings to the damp leaf masses and this, in turn, allows moss and lichen to grow onto the body of the guttering, which later on will make all the other problems worse.

After the rain has passed, the clumps create pooling of water, attracting birds which bring on a whole host of new problems that can affect your roof, your guttering, and your tank water.

One way of dealing with these issues is to regularly clean your gutters out, but even this is not ideal because you will still get more than acceptable levels of contaminating matter washing into your water tanks.

The better alternative is to use mesh barriers to keep your gutters clean because these allow water to freely enter while keeping out leaves and other contaminants. Less work for you and more hygiene for your water supply.

The easiest and most inexpensive way to protect your home and water tanks

Mesh barriers work in a dual role, protecting your roof from damage and helping to screen out contaminants so they don’t make their way into your water tanks.

The beauty of buying this technology from Aussie Gutter Protection is that it’s really inexpensive, even with full installation. By the way, this is recommended, because it ensures your mesh is made to measure, with a perfect fit. Even a small gap will undermine the effectiveness of the barrier, which is a good reason to choose to have your protective screens installed by us.

Aussie Gutter Protection makes all products from quality materials, and installation is performed by trained professionals who are experts in the installation of screening for water tanks. You can’t go wrong when you choose Aussie. Call us for more information and to get answers for your questions.

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