Pigeon Screen Guard Installation

Keeping pigeons away from your home is something you ought to take very seriously. These filthy disease carriers are noisy, aggressive nuisances that will make your life a misery if they decide to invade your home.

Fortunately keeping pigeons away is not a difficult task. You just need to make sure your home is not too pigeon-friendly.

Your home should have pigeon screen installation

The first logical step is to do the best you can to avoid providing any food sources for the pigeons. If it’s easier for them to find food in other people’s homes, that is where they will be likely to go.

Then, if your home has pigeon screens installed, the roof and gutter space no longer seems like such an inviting place to take up residence, and they will look for a better spot somewhere else in the neighbourhood.

The consequences of not having pigeon guard installation

Pigeons are large, heavy birds that can inflict damage on your gutters due to their bodyweight alone. They also have numerous bad habits.

One of the most annoying things about pigeons is that they are notorious for not being toilet trained. Your average pigeon will poo just about anywhere, and they especially like to do so on reflective surfaces.

But they’re not particularly fussy. Your roof, walls, windows, doors, paths, car, laundry on the line, and even your own self are all fair game as targets in a pigeon’s mind. That stuff is smelly, sticky, acidic, and really difficult to clean off.

Pigeons also cause damage by pecking and scratching. Their dislodged feathers can contribute to blockages in pipes, and their nests also can get washed into pipes.

The nests, eggs, and chicks also can attract predators such as snakes, rats, and mice. You should not want any of these animals, or pigeons, making themselves at home in your home.

A simple, affordable pigeon screen makes all the difference

You don’t have to put up with annoying pigeons that come to damage your property.  You can keep those scoundrels away permanently just by installing pigeon screens to discourage their presence.

These pigeon screens are perfectly safe and won’t do any harm to the birds, but they also don’t allow the birds an opportunity to get into your gutters and cause damage.

The quality pigeon guard you can rely on

We designed these pigeon screens here in Australia to be perfectly suited to Australian conditions. That means they are durable and dependable.

Made from ultra strong flexible mesh material, they have all the right attributes to ensure they do a perfect job and won’t deteriorate prematurely.

This is why homeowners all over Australia trust the products made and distributed by Aussie Gutter Protection. We make our products using quality manufacturing processes, and we expertly install them to ensure they are correctly fitted and will function entirely as expected.

For keeping your home pigeon-free, the pigeon guards from Aussie Gutter Protection are the ideal product.

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