Gutter Guards protect your home from...

Water damage

Fire threats

Birds and pests

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Up to 25-year Product Guarantee


20-year Workmanship Guarantee

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With Australia’s toughest gutter guard, peace of mind is guaranteed

Designed for harsh Australian conditions, our Gutter Guards are 50% stronger than other products on the market. No fading, no cracking, no deterioration – that’s our promise, ensuring you have complete peace of mind.
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Gutter guards protect your home by:

Loved by Aussie’s everywhere!

Clogged dirty gutters

Get rid of your blocked gutters once and for all!

Did you know that thousands of Australians are rushed to hospital every year due to ladder falls? But not you! Gutter Guards do the hard work of keeping your gutters clear and clean, so you don’t have to climb those rungs anymore. No more dangerous ladders. No more dizzying heights.

And you know what else? No more gutter sludge! You know, that oozing mess of decomposing leaves, sticks, dirt, moss and other organic material (and goodness knows what else!) – gone for good! Imagine never having to scrape that out of your gutters again.

Gutter Guards let your gutters do what they are supposed to – get water away from your house, fast. With the most comprehensive range, full-colour bond range of colours, best prices and installation provided Victoria-wide, our industry-leading experts will help you find the perfect solution for your gutters to keep them clear, clean and on colour.

Make your home bird-proof

Birds love a cosy roof to nest in, and if your gutters aren’t protected properly, you’re at risk of them moving in!

While nesting birds can seem harmless – even endearing – at first, you’ll quickly discover how much harm they can do by blocking gutters, damaging your roof and causing a LOT of mess. But perhaps worst of all, it’s the disease, bacteria, and other pests they bring with them into your home that can have lasting health impacts on your family.

Gutter Guards will keep your gutters clear, and the entry points into your home secure to prevent birds and other unwanted pests away from your roof.

Bird Proofing Gutter Guard

Save yourself the future headache of costly repairs

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The Rock Solid Aussie Gutter Protection Triple Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll be completely satisfied with our high level of customer service and the quality of our gutter protection, you’ll be given our TRIPLE guarantee.

Up to 25-year Product Guarantee

We use only the most resilient, longest lasting materials to resist the harsh Australian conditions. If any of our products fail within 15 years of purchase, we will replace it completely free.


20-year Workmanship Guarantee

Our installers are highly experienced and experts in their field, so you know when we do a job it is built to last. So, for even further peace of mind, all of our workmanship is guaranteed for 20 years.

Price-Match Guarantee

We don't only offer the best product, but the best price as well. We're so confident our prices are the most competitive in the market, if you bring us a cheaper written quote, we'll match it straight away.

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Up to 25-year Product Guarantee


20-year Workmanship Guarantee

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One of our friendly experts will come to your house to do a comprehensive roof inspection, discuss any problems you have and how we can solve them.


We provide you with a quote for the optimal gutter guards

We quote you the best price available on a premium quality system for your home, and give you a chance to ask us any questions you might have.


You put down a deposit and schedule a date for installation

If you like what you see you give us the green light while we get to work organising the highest quality materials for installation in your new system.


Our expert team install your new gutter protection in your roof

You won’t have to lift a finger as our team of experienced installers expertly fit your new gutter guards in place and make sure your roof is 100% bird proof!

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You enjoy your new and improved roof & the peace of mind it brings

You sit back and relax knowing your gutters are now safely protected from birds, snakes and other vermin, and debris which causes fires and floods.

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