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Trees offer a wonderful aesthetic boost to your property and can serve as a striking backdrop to your home. While there are many benefits attached to having trees around your home, there are equally as many downsides, and those that regularly have to clear out their gutters know this better than anyone else. However, there is a cost-effective way to get the best of both worlds, enjoying the natural elegance of the trees without the hassle of having to clean out the leaves.

Here at Aussie Gutter Protection, we supply and install leaf mesh for gutters and have secured thousands hundreds of homes across Melbourne. Over the past 18 years, we have established our services as the best in the business and we are proud to state that in this time over 12,000 customers have trusted us. Regardless of the size or shape of your home, we can find a ‘best fit’ solution that is tailored to your home and start the process by providing you with a free quote.

Demand is always high for our services, as a result of the large number of referrals our past customers continue to send our way, as such, whether you need a job done quickly, or if you are concerned about the possibility of brush fires, or inclement weather seasons on approach, it makes sense to get in touch with us early so that we can protect your home in good time.

How Dry Leaves Could Compromise Your Home

While cleaning out the gutters is a hassle that nobody particularly looks forward to doing, given the awkwardness of the work, having a leaf guard in place on your home will not only dramatically reduce your workload, but it will also bring a new level of safety.

Australia experiences extremely high temperatures during the summer months, which as we all know too well can bring about bush and brush fires. Even if you are not situated close to shrubbery or trees or any sort of vegetation, it is possible for embers from such fires to travel and lodge in your gutters. When this happens, the unfortunate reality is that dry leaves and debris trapped in the gutter can catch fire.

Here at Aussie Gutter Protection, we have heard countless stories of this nature. Rest assured, that the leaf guard Melbourne residents and business-owners receive from us will not crack, deteriorate or fade and has been designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest of Australian weather conditions, as well as fire.

Better still, 12 months after we have installed our exceptional leaf guards we will check-in with you to make sure that they are serving their purpose as expected and delivering the kind of results we promised.

Warranties for Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

Those ready to bring that extra level of safety and security to their homes in Melbourne will be comforted by the fact that we service the entire Melbourne Metro area, as well as Mornington Peninsula. What’s more, in choosing our leaf guard company you will also receive a written, iron-clad warranty as well as a workmanship guarantee that lasts 20 years.

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we bring a level of craftsmanship and expertise to your home so that by the time we leave, you can feel confident that your gutters are secured and your home is that bit safer.

Aussie Gutter Protection offer full gutter protection by providing Australia’s best gutter guard covers. Protect your gutter from unwanted leavesbirds & dirt at the best possible prices.

Trusted for over 17 years by 12,000+ happy customers. Aussie Gutter Protection is a family owned business, and we understand the importance of family values when dealing with homeowners. Our continued focus on excellent service and quality enables us to…

Gutter guard (also referred to as gutter protection or leaf guard) is a product that has been developed to prevent damage and the inconvenience caused by clogged gutters in residential and commercial buildings. Buildings without gutter guard typically have…

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