How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Home’s Exterior: Infographic

Posted on September 19, 2018
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    The exterior of your home creates a lasting first impression, and sets the mood for the remainder of your house. So, choosing an exterior paint colour is an important and long-lasting decision. But don’t let that scare you. Adding a fresh new paint colour to the exterior of your house will help it look clean and modern, and will also enhance the value of your home and the will improve the impression that it creates from the street view.

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    What types of paint should I use for my home?

    There are many different paint types available, which only adds to the confusion around what colour the exterior of your house should be. Generally, a semi-gloss paint is suitable for weatherboard homes, however it is best to consult with a paint specialist, or painter about what paint type would be most appropriate.

    Depending on the current condition of your home, some work may need to be done before painting. For example, you may need to strip back the existing paint and sand the weatherboards to ensure that you get a clean finish.

    When choosing a paint type for your home it is also important to consider your location. If you live near the beach where you are exposed to wind and sand, you should consider a paint type that is durable in these weather conditions. The same applies for houses located in areas where it rains a considerable amount, or areas that are exposed to high levels of sun.

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    What are some Popular Colour Trends?

    Current popular exterior paint colours are mostly neutral colours, such as greys, beige, tea, and pale blues, paired with crisp white for trims and edging.

    These colours are popular for houses of all types including, cottages, modern homes and even Victorian style homes. These colours, unlike bold ‘on trend’ colours, are likely to stand the test of time and fit in with your neighbourhood. You can still add a pop of colour by going for a bold door or trimming colour, to make sure your house stands out.

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    Choose Your Paint Colour According to Existing Features

    Unless you are wanting to redecorate your entire interiors and exterior, you should choose a paint colour that will work in well with your existing features, such as paving, roof tiles or corrugated iron as well as interior features such as carpets, wall colours, artwork and furniture.

    It is important that you choose a paint colour that will suit the remainder of your house and create a finished and seamless look. Once you have decided what paint colour you want to use, it is best to choose three different colours that complement each other, the exterior of your house should consist of a field colour, which is the main colour covering the exterior walls, the accent colour, which is used for doors, and window shutters, and lastly a trim colour which is used for window and door frames and edgings.

    While you’re revamping your home’s exterior, you should also be considering additional items to preserve and maintain your hard work such as gutter protection. It would be shame to waste the effort of repainting the outside of your home, only to have worn and leaky gutters not only impact the look of your home, but also damage the new paint job.

    You should consider installing gutter guards to help protect your home, and prevent your gutters from building up with debris such as sticks, leaves and bird’s nests.

    Talk to Aussie Gutter Protection, the leading gutter guard installation company in Melbourne. We’ll provide you with a personalised gutter guard solution for your home. Call or contact the team to discuss your gutter protection needs.

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