How to Beat the Heat at Home This Summer

Posted on January 19, 2018
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Summer heat waves are here, and it’s now more important than ever to keep your homes and selves cool. The sweltering heat can be dangerous and sometimes deadly if we don’t look after ourselves, little ones and pets. It’s essential to know how you can cool down, but more importantly how you can comfortably cool down in a way that keeps your power bills down.

    Here’s how you can cool down during this summer’s heat waves:

    Keep hydrated:

    The hot weather will make you perspire more than usual, so you should up your water intake to account for the fluids you’ll lose due to dehydration and sweating. Drinks that contain sugar, caffeine, and alcohol have dehydrating effects on the body, so it pays to avoid these when you’re trying to cool down.

    You can also snack on foods high in water content such as cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, and oranges. You can also opt for colder foods such as smoothies, salads and so on, and avoiding hot meals such as curries and stews.

    Air dry everything:

    Avoid using appliances that generate heat such as the dishwasher and clothes dryer, if you don’t need to. The heat will easily air dry clothes and dishes for you, and help reduce your power bill! This will also help the amount of hot air circulating around your home and help you cool down the house.

    Pick up a cheap paddling pool:

    Paddling pools are a great way to keep your children and your pets cool in the summer. You can buy cheap plastic shell pools, or inflatable pools. Be sure to set them up in the shade to keep the kids and pets out of the direct heat.

    Draw the curtains:

    Before the sun comes up, draw your curtains before the scorching heat has the chance to warm up your home. You should also keep smaller windows open overnight when the air is cooler so your house can cool down so you can hopefully get a decent night’s sleep during the intense heat.

    Take cold showers:

    Wait until temperatures are at their peak and take a cold shower, as this is when your body will need it the most. You can avoid showers in the morning if you don’t need to shower twice a day.

    Clear your gutters:

    Along with heat waves can come droughts, so it pays to have your water tank it tip-top working condition before the summer months hit. The best way to ensure this is to have clean and clear gutters so easily allow water to flow into your tank. To keep your gutters clear of debris such as leaves, stick and insects, you should consider installing gutter protection such as gutter guard mesh. Gutter guards allow water to flow freely through gutters, pipes and into water tanks, and prevent debris building up, and birds nesting in your gutters.

    Talk to Aussie Gutter Protection in Melbourne about a customised gutter protection plan to keep your gutters clear, and your water tanks full of fresh clean water to help keep you cool this summer.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

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