Have You Heard of Tesla’s Solar Roof?

Have You Heard of Tesla’s Solar Roof?

Gutter Guard with Glass Tiles?

We all know Tesla as an innovative electric car company who has entered and completely disrupted the automotive market with their all electric vehicles.

Not only do they offer zero emissions (if connected to a renewable energy source), they are becoming leaders of autonomous driving technology and offer super car like acceleration performance. Their second major product announcement was a ‘Powerwall’ battery, which allows for the storage of solar energy in residential homes and commercial buildings. Without battery storage, solar energy is lost and just diverted back into the grid. Battery storage stores solar energy in your home allowing you to use electricity at night, when there is no sun.

A third product was recently announced by Tesla’s founder Elon Musk, in collaboration with SolarCity: the Solar Roof. This appears to be the final piece of the sustainable electricity puzzle.

The concept is similar to Tesla’s electric car theory and is based on making solar roofs look good, perform better and integrate seamlessly. Once installed the solar roof will provide electricity to your home, charge your Powerwall and therefore charge your Tesla car.

In essence this will provide a complete solar power system for an individual home and therefore the potential for truly sustainable electricity for all.

The Tesla Solar Roof offers a number of benefits over traditional solar panels you can currently install. Instead of attaching a solar panel to your existing roof, the panels actually become your roof tiles. Individual tiles containing solar panels, are installed providing your entire roof with solar coverage. What’s great is that they come in a range of styles meaning they look just like your current tile of choice. This includes:

  • Tuscan
  • Slate
  • Textured
  • Smooth
Tesla Solar Roof

The tiles are actually made from tempered glass which Tesla claims offer more strength and better insulating properties than traditional terra cotta, clay or slate tiles. They claim that the tile’s superior durability will ensure they last twice as long as tiles made from these traditional materials.

Furthermore, Tesla estimates that a solar roof will actually cost less than a ‘normal’ roof when the value of electricity is taken into account. Although we understand that this comparison is made with premium roofing materials in the USA, therefore we predict the cost will be quite a bit more than the cheaper corrugated steels roofs many home in Australia have

We think the Solar Roof concept sounds great and even though it’s early days, we’re excited by the prospect of integrating out gutter guard solutions with Solar Roofs in the future. It’s an enticing prospect that may provide a significant step towards reducing the world’s co2 emissions.

For more information view the  Tesla website and Tesla’s launch video.

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