Rain Gutter Covers

If you want to keep the rain gutters on your home in top condition and also avoid all the hard work involved with maintaining a regular gutter cleaning schedule, rain gutter covers are the perfect solution.

The easy way to keep debris, dirt, and wildlife out of your gutters

Our gutter covers are a specially engineered mesh that allows rainwater to pass through while blocking practically everything else from entering. The objects likely to cause the most damage to guttering are those which are large enough to settle. This means the objects have sufficient mass, size, or adhesiveness to not simply wash away in the next rain shower.

Enough objects settling in the gutter space will eventually lead to clumping. This has a similar effect to arterial plaque inside a blood vessel. Clumps will block the smooth flow of liquid through the gutter channel, slowing it down, and potentially causing overflows or even blocking the downpipe.

Overflowing gutters cause water damage and can also be structurally weakened. If clumps are able to grow large enough and heavy enough, they can even compromise the structure of the gutter itself.

Wildlife such as birds, mice, rats, frogs and snakes can also become a nuisance when they decide to frolic in gutters. They are attracted by the pooled water created by clumps, they may like to wallow in the clump itself, and they may use the contents of clumps as food or nesting material.

This wildlife behaviour can cause more damage to the guttering, walls, and roof. It also can simply become annoying. Some of these creatures are disease vectors, and they all make a mess. In short, you won’t really want them taking up residence in your gutters, and the best way to keep them out is with gutter covers.

Aussie Gutter Protection makes the best gutter covers

We are an Australian company that does nothing else besides making and installing gutter protection products. Our focus on doing only these things means we can do them really well.

Our gutter covers are made from a super strong, lightweight, and flexible mesh that does a superior job of protecting gutters without impeding their normal operation. The inherent flexibility of the material means it won’t be adversely affected by the natural expansion and contraction of metal gutters as they heat and cool.

The material we use does not corrode, does not require any special protective treatment, and is not damaged by UV rays. Its strength makes it resistant to being chewed on by wildlife, and it is designed to provide a snug fit, preventing unwanted ingressions.

Make sure the guttering on your home has the best protection possible by choosing rain gutter covers made by Aussie Gutter Protection. We make, sell, and install the best gutter covers on the market. You can’t go wrong when you choose our products.

Ever given thought to installing rain gutter covers?

You will get rain gutter covers that are made to measure, professionally installed, and guaranteed for quality of workmanship and manufacture. Contact us for more information about our rain gutter covers.

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