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Protecting your gutters is one of the best investments you can make in making the maintenance of your building easier. Good gutter protection will prolong the life of the guttering, avoid costly roof or wall damage, and ensure your gutters continue to work the way they are supposed to.

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Aussie Gutter Protection is a local manufacturer of quality gutter guards that will prevent debris from building up in the gutter space and keep wildlife from becoming a nuisance, too.

Rats, mice, birds, snakes, and even frogs like to make themselves at home in roof gutters and water pipes. This behaviour is dangerous for the animals, potentially dangerous for the health of the building occupants, and can also cause blockages, which could lead to further damage occurring.

Installing gutter guards is the easiest and best way to avoid all these problems, and as a bonus, this will also save you from the chore of constantly having to clean out your gutters.

An unpleasant and dangerous chore you can avoid

Cleaning out gutters is not much fun, but without gutter protection, it is a necessary job. The result of failing to keep the gutters clean will lead to the problems previously described, and perhaps a few others we didn’t think of.

Performing this gutter cleaning task requires climbing a ladder and methodically removing all the debris and other contamination (moss, for example) that has built up in the guttering.

It’s a slow and laborious task, requiring working on small sections of guttering at a time, descending the ladder, moving it along, and then ascending again to repeat the same actions over and over again. At the end of it all, you will probably end up with reasonably clean guttering and a most unpleasant sunburn. Not to mention the damming statistics of how many people are injured or die by falling off a ladder

Why go through all this, when gutter protection makes it unnecessary? When you have gutter protection in place, debris and dirt can’t get into the gutter, so there’s nothing to clean away. Think of what you can do with all that extra time. Reclaim your weekend relaxation time with gutter guards from Aussie Gutter Protection.

Quality products designed and made in Australia

What makes buying your gutter guards from Aussie Gutter Protection a better idea is that you’ll be buying genuine Australian quality. This is important for a lot of reasons.

For a start, when you purchase any product for your home, you will want to be sure that it is safe. That means being made from materials that are not going to cause any harm to members of the household, to wildlife, or to the environment. It also means being made from materials that won’t break down and deteriorate in such a way that they’re no longer fit or safe for the purpose they were intended for.

We make gutter guards from flexible, safe material, that allows for the natural expansion and contraction of metal gutters. This material is UV stabilized, weatherproof, and resistant to being chewed on by animals. When installed correctly and appropriately, the gutter guards should last for practically a lifetime before they need replacing, and they will perform their job perfectly .Aussie Gutter Protection have a proud history of never having to provide a material warranty for the last 20 years.  Aussie Gutter Protection continue to develop products and accessories to ensure house owners get what they pay for

For the best guttering protection technology, get your gutter guards from Aussie Gutter Protection.

Aussie Gutter Protection offer full gutter protection by providing Australia’s best gutter guard covers. Protect your gutter from unwanted leavesbirds & dirt at the best possible prices.

Trusted for over 17 years by 12,000+ happy customers. Aussie Gutter Protection is a family owned business, and we understand the importance of family values when dealing with homeowners. Our continued focus on excellent service and quality enables us to…

Gutter guard (also referred to as gutter protection or leaf guard) is a product that has been developed to prevent damage and the inconvenience caused by clogged gutters in residential and commercial buildings. Buildings without gutter guard typically have…

For homes across Australia, it’s quite common to be faced with problems related to birds and pests inhabiting their roofs. You often don’t know what exactly is causing that scratching, chirping or chewing sound; it could be birds, mice, possums or rats making your roof their new home…

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