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Why you need Gutter Guard in Sydney

The Australian gutter guard industry is growing rapidly and any Sydney property or homeowners should seriously consider the added value of having gutter guard installed.

There are multiple reasons for installing gutter guard in the Sydney area. The most common reasons reside in preventing birds and pest nesting in gutter systems and avoiding property damage as a result of clogged or damaged gutters, most likely due to a build-up of organic debris. Over the last few years, gutter guard has been utilised as an effective protective measure against ember attack in bushfire at risk areas across Sydney. Furthermore, gutter guard minimising the risk of working at heights and limits annually required maintenance.

While many people in Sydney seek gutter guard as a measure to fix an existing issue, it is increasingly becoming a preventative and peace of mind measure for future optimisation for the home. In some cases people have sought gutter protection for a single reason, only to find that it prevented separate future issues.

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common reasons for gutter guard in Sydney

People consider gutter guard for the following issues or preventative measures.

1. Prevent birds and pests

Sharing your Sydney home with birds and pest pose risks of damaging your infrastructure and creating unhygienic living conditions. Installing gutter guard to your gutters and other areas of your home, fortifies your property and encourages the birds and other pests to venture elsewhere. It is vital to considering installing before nesting season, typically from late August to early November, so to prevent the pests from setting up home. Some of the most common birds to nest in Sydney homes are starlings, pigeons, sparrows and the Indian Myna. It is important to note that birds and their nesting habits, attract other pests, such as vermin and insects. So while you may note birds nesting outside your property, you are actually at more risk of further infestation.
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2. Safety issues

Safety is always a priority. The annual task of cleaning gutters is hazardous. The most common accidents while cleaning gutters in Sydney are falls off ladders or at heights. Furthermore, the tedious nature of cleaning your gutters puts added strain to your body as you position and manoeuvre yourself around your whole home. While the risk of personal injury is increased, so too is the risk of property damage: there is potential to damage walls, windows, roofs, and yes even the gutter itself. It seems then common sense for Sydney -siders to eliminate the need for this task when owning and maintaining their home.
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3. Preventing blockages and damages

Sydney suburbs so beautifully integrates urban-life with the native flora, but such beauty comes at a cost. Leaves, twigs and other debris clog up the gutters providing the perfect breeding ground for moulds, spores and pests. At the risk to the homeowner, it can evoke allergic reactions or cause damage through rot, significantly impacting the structural integrity of the home. Blockages and build-up of water in the gutters can damage your home’s foundations; but also, water damage to exposed roof timbers under the eaves, water infiltration of the roof due to overflows and exposed walls. To protect your home and strengthen your guttering system Installing a quality gutter guard system will not only protect against these problems but will actually strengthen the gutters of your home, making them better able to withstand the worst our changeable weather can throw at them.
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4. Ember/Bushfire Protection

Installing gutter guard adds an extra layer of defence in bushfire prone areas from ember attacks. One of your homes greatest danger during bushfires is coming under ember attack. Burning embers are carried by the wind and settle in surrounding vegetation, or a home’s gutters or roof valleys which then can catch alight. Australian fire rated gutter guard systems that have been tested and certified with a Fire Rating Flame Index “0” can improve the protection of your home in bushfire prone areas.
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5. Increased home value

It is widely excepted that gutter guard will be a standard elements of any home in many areas of Sydney. Therefore, it is expect that selling residential properties that lack a gutter guard system will become increasingly more difficult, or will sell at a reduced price. More and more, new developments are required to install a gutter guard system to meet new council housing standards. We expect that this will eventually extend to most, if not all properties, in local Sydney areas. When buying a house, most do not want to work on a new home! New homeowners just want to enjoy! Installing gutter guard early, ensures you enjoy the benefits yourself, rather than installing gutter guard come time to sell.
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What's the best type ot gutter guard to use in Sydney

In Sydney there are five types of gutter guards that are widely used; brush gutter guard, mesh panels, foam inserts, integrated mesh and vinyl guards. The three that are the most popular are the integrated mesh, brush gutter guard and mesh panels.

Brush Gutter Guard

Brush Gutter Guard is one of the cheapest options available when it comes to gutter guard. It is also very easy to install as it simply sits inside the gutter pipe. The brush’s long outward-facing bristles trap and push leaves and debris outwards, but allows water to penetrates and flow through the gutters.

Mesh Panels

Mesh Panel Guards or Flat Mesh Guards are often considered the most widely popular choice in Australia as they are incredibly easy to install. These feature a wire or plastic grid-like piece that installs directly to your roof and held in place over the top of the gutters by the roof’s weight. Mesh panels are regarded as relatively easy to install.

Integrated Mesh

The Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard works similar to Mesh Panel Guards, but instead of sitting over the top of the gutter and held in place via the roof; Integrated Mesh Gutter Guard sits insides the gutter pipe. This fixture creates a slope that encourages leaves and other debris to fall to the ground while the small holes in the mesh allows water to run through.

Vinyl Guards

Vinyl guards are made with moulded plastic that is shaped in a downward curve. Interesting, unlike the other the gutter guard solutions the curve of this product allows the water to flow over the top directing it into the gutter beneath rather than freely flowing through the guard. The leaves and debris instead fall straight off the edge of the gutter and to the ground below. It is crucial that the guard is installed at the same angle as the slope of the roof to be effective.

Foam Inserts

Just like the Brush Gutter Guard, the Foam Gutter Guard slots directly into your gutter which makes the easy to install and a very inexpensive solution. The durable plastic the foam is made from allows water to pass through easily and keeps the leaves and debris separate above the insert.
AGP trusts the integrated mesh gutter guard as the best solution for all your Gutter Guard needs. It is proven to be the only solution that offers durability and continued effectiveness after decades on the roof. As there are many types of Gutter Guard, there are equally many types of Integrated Mesh Guards that we offer to suit the needs of residents in Sydney. At AGP we offer a range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, and poly; our material range extends to different thicknesses and hole apertures; we ensure that our solution will cover exactly what is needed.

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Your home will most likely be the single greatest investment of your life. You build or buy with a view to achieving so many things over many years, and even decades, and so it is important that you take steps to protect it from being damaged or threatened by the elements. An area that is commonly overlooked until something goes wrong is the gutter system. There are a variety of ways that your gutters can succumb to the elements. Fortunately, professionally installed gutter guards make for a simple and effective solution that you can depend on for many years to come. Read More


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Here at Aussie Gutter Protection, we are the market leaders in terms of providing and installing gutter protection. Over the past 18 years, we have worked on the homes of thousands of Australian families and commercial properties , providing them with gutter protection systems suitable for their specific homes and buildings. We offer the widest and best range of products and compliment this with a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable installation contractors.


At Aussie Gutter Protection, we have seen all the different negative ways a lack of gutter mesh impacts a property. That said, it’s not just preventing damage to your home that you are investing in, you could also be sparing yourself some costly medical bills.

Despite the best intentions to save some money, there are countless accidents every year as a result of people falling from ladders while tending to their gutters. With the professionals working at your home you need not worry about climbing ladders or the debris you clean out compromising your grip on the ground when you descend. Why risk falling and incurring pricey hospital fees and losing money as a result of absence from work?

Gutter covers are a great way to spare yourself the hassle of cleaning out the gutters. Nothing can accumulate in the gutter while they are in place, which means that instead of having to dig out a load of rotting debris the process of clearing away anything that gathers on top is much easier.

Rodents and birds love to find somewhere snug to set up their nest. Gutters are a common nesting place and this can block up the gutters and cause stagnant water to build up and eventually spill down across your home. What’s more, do you really want to risk rats working their way under the fascia boards and invading your home?

Having leaf guard gutters in place will safeguard your home from fire. If Bush or brush fires are common to your area then your home is always at risk of embers catching fire once they land in the dead, dry leaves in your gutters.


Here at Aussie Gutter Protection, we are absolutely confident of not only our ability to supply great products but that our installation will stand the test of time, and to this end, we provide written 20-year workmanship guarantees. What’s more, in the 18 years that we have been serving the Australian market, we have never once had a material warranty claim. We have hundreds of written testimonials to back up our service claims, so if you want to avail of gutter guard installation Melbourne residents have depended upon for almost two decades, get in touch with the team here at Aussie Gutter Protection today and we will provide you with a free quote.


When it comes to considering all the possible upgrades and improvements that can be made to a home, the rain gutters usually aren’t given the attention they deserve. But this is a small investment that returns big rewards, which is why it’s a very smart idea to upgrade your gutters with Aussie Gutter Protection.


The best thing about gutter mesh is it prevents the ingression of practically anything larger than a raindrop. This is great news because it means you’ll no longer have to perform the awful chore of having to regularly clean out your guttering, leaving you with more free time to enjoy or devote to more productive activities. Additionally, gutter mesh will prolong the life of your guttering and help to protect your roof from damage. Clean gutters are healthy gutters. In the same way that too much HDLP cholesterol in your blood can create the plaque that leads to heart attacks and strokes, debris such as leaves and twigs allowed to build up in guttering will create blockages that can cause damage. The blockages can affect the flow of water into downpipes, create backflow, and lead to overflows. This can, in turn, lead to water damage and structural damage. Another related problem is pooling, which is where small puddles of water are left behind in the guttering. These pools of water and the blockages that create them are highly attractive to many bird species, and birds are one of the most damaging things that can find their way into your guttering.


Birds like to bathe in the pooled water, drink from it, and use the debris from the blockages as food or material for nests. The weight of their bodies can make impressions in the thin sheet metal used for making gutters, and this makes the potential for pooling even worse. They also can create lateral bulges in the guttering material, and weaken the attachment points of the brackets that hold the guttering in place. Eventually, the brackets can come loose from their anchoring, and then entire sections of the guttering can break away, potentially leading to costly structural damage and subsequent water damage every time it rains until the problem is fixed. Fortunately, our gutter mesh does an excellent job of keeping birds away, and because it prevents blockages from forming in the first place, the birds are less likely to be attracted to your roof anyway. There will be other far more tempting roofs for them to explore.


We are the Australian specialists in gutter protection solutions. Our products are designed and manufactured to provide superior protection for gutters on all kinds of buildings. Made in Australia to suit Australian conditions, the gutter mesh you buy from Aussie Gutter Protection is strong, lightweight, and durable. It can handle all the extremes of the Australian climate and stands up to a lot of punishment. Find out more by getting in touch with Aussie Gutter Protection today. Aussie Gutter Protection offer full gutter protection by providing Australia’s best gutter guard covers. Protect your gutter from unwanted leaves, birds & dirt at the best possible prices.