Gutter Guard for Tanks

When your household relies on tank water, it’s very important to ensure the water source is as pure as possible. Leaves, gum nuts, and other contaminants are going to cause a lot of problems if you don’t make some effort to keep them out of your water system.

Of course, if you provide appropriate water treatment in addition to boiling and filtering water before consumption, this will go a long way toward helping to ensure the water isn’t going to make you sick, but that’s not the only reason you will want to strive for maximum purity.

Why you need a gutter guard for tanks

There are many other problems those contaminants can cause for you, and not all of them have anything to do with water consumption. Sticking with the issues affecting water consumption for now, in addition to the risks posed by pathogens and parasites that might find their way into the water supply via contaminants, you also need to consider the other effects that bacterial action will have when acting on organic matter such as leaves.

A natural fermentation process takes place as leaves rot. If they’re sitting in your guttering doing just that, then every drop of water that flows under those rotting leaves is carrying some of the organic material with it. This must have an effect on the colour, taste, and smell of the water. Plus of course, it does have an effect on safety as well.

These problems are entirely preventable. The simple answer to the threat is to install gutter guards in your guttering and water tanks. This will effectively prevent the entry of most potential contaminants into the water supply, and will also make the water that does enter easier to effectively treat.

A bonus of using gutter guards to protect your water supply is that they’ll also help protect your guttering and roof against the damage leaf masses and other problems (birds, for example) can inflict. You’ll also save yourself from the unpleasant chore of having to regularly clean out your guttering.

A quality Australian product designed for Australian conditions

When you buy gutter guards from Aussie Gutter Protection, you know you are investing in genuine Australian quality. Our gutter guards are made from a super strong mesh that has been engineered to provide maximum durability and reliable performance.

This mesh material is light and strong, but also flexible so it can cope with the natural expansion and contraction of the metal guttering without being damaged or coming loose. It is also UV stabilized so it won’t prematurely deteriorate in the harsh sunlight of a typical Australian summer day.

There really is no better product on the market for protecting your guttering and water supply than the gutter guards you will find at Aussie Gutter Protection.

We will supply and install your gutter guards for a perfect made to measure fit, so you can be sure of optimal performance. Getting the correct fit to the exact dimensions of your guttering is very important, as gaps will undermine the effectiveness.

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