Bird Swooping Season is Here: how to protect yourself

Posted on October 19, 2017
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    For so many homes across Australia, birds nesting in roof cavities and gutters have caused sleepless nights, have devalued homes and put family health at risk. From scratching, chirping and chewing sounds, to extensive damage to wiring, insulation and guttering, these pests need to be addressed in order to ensure the security of your home.

    To make matters worse, having bids nesting on or inside your home also means you must deal with birds swooping and diving at you in your property. This can be quite a frightening experience, especially for children or those who fear birds. They sure have earned their pest title haven’t they!

    Magpies tend to be the worst offenders, but many other species will swoop and dive for you. A frightening fact, Magpies never forget a face, so if they have swooped on you before, chances are they will keep swooping.

    Birds that are particularly aggressive will have no issue in swooping or diving at you in order to protect their nest or their eggs. But you shouldn’t have to deal with this – the last thing you want after a long hard day is to be attacked by birds when trying to get into your house.

    Here’s how to survive bird swooping season:

    1. Wear protection

    For some reason, cyclists have become a prime target for magpies. Cyclists have resorted to trying cable ties on their helmets as deterrents or even painting a face on the back of their helmet (apparently, Magpies do not attack if they feel they are being watched). Some schools even recommend children wear ice-cream containers on their heads with eyes painted on during lunchtimes! Whatever you do, make sure you wear sunglasses, and also always wear a helmet while cycling.

    2. Do not harass the birds

    Birds that swoop are the aggressive kind; harass them and they may become even more agitated! As tempting as it may be to throw a stick or a stone, just try your best to ignore the birds and make it to work in one piece.

    3. Be informed

    There are many ways to find out where swooping birds are congregating in your neighbourhood, including this handy Magpie attack map. If one of the recent attack locations is on your usual route to work, pick a new route. Be sure to inform others of these locations as well so they too can stay safe.

    4. Carry an umbrella

    Even if it’s not raining, an umbrella is a handy tool to use as protection from swooping birds. Carry a small retractable umbrella with you, they easily fit inside work and school bags.

    Bird proof your home

    Prevent birds from nesting in your roof cavity and gutters by installing bird proofing measures such as spikes and closing off all entry points into your roof. If they have fewer places to nest around your home you are less likely to have to deal with birds swooping around your property.

    For a personalised bird proofing solution, contact Aussie Gutter Protection, the leading bird proofing and gutter guard installation specialists in Melbourne.

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