Birds Nesting in Roof Protection

How to deal with the problem of a bird nesting in your roof

Australia is blessed with an abundance of wild birds, which helps to make life interesting. But when these birds decide to make a nest in your home, they can then seem a lot less charming.

Why birds in the roof are a serious problem

Before we get into the details of how you can get those birds right out of your roof (and keep them out), you may be wondering why it’s so important to get rid of them. If the birds nesting were just an annoyance, you might be able to live with that, but there are actually many very serious kinds of harm the birds can do that you may not be aware of:

  • Birds can cause structural damage by boring, pecking, and scratching. Birds use their beaks to make holes in wood and other similar substances, and they also sometimes sharpen their beaks and talons on the surface.
  • Holes and scratches created by birds can lead to water infiltration. When rain water is able to get inside your roof, it can cause a lot of expensive damage. Water can lead to rot, mould, fungus, rust, and many other problems. The weight of the water itself can damage your ceiling, and the other problems weaken the super structure, as well as causing problems like bad smells and staining.
  • Birds attract predators and vermin such as snakes, rats, mice, insects and other species. Their food, nesting material, eggs, droppings, and chicks are all highly attractive to verminous intruders.
  • Birds are disease vectors. Birds carry parasites and pathogens that can infect humans, pets, and other animals.

1. Provide a viable alternative

One of the easiest solutions to help deal with the problem is to install a proper birdhouse somewhere on your property. Birds will usually prefer a birdhouse to your house because it offers a lot of advantages, including a safer vantage point from which the birds can see anything that might pose a threat to the survival of their chicks.

2. Clean up potential food sources

Birds are more likely to choose your home instead of someone else’s if there’s plenty of food scattered around. Nuts, seeds, fallen fruit, kitchen scraps, and compost are all possible food sources for hungry birds.

3. Protect your roof gutters with protective mesh

Birds like roof gutters as places to bathe and drink from, and they’re also often able to find an abundance of nesting materials such as leaves and twigs from guttering that is not cleaned regularly.

Birds using your guttering this way put stress on it, and also can spread disease more easily as the germs and parasites are carried down to ground level by the pipes. It’s even more of a concern if you’re using your gutters for collecting rain water in storage tanks.

Fortunately, it’s a very easy problem to solve just by using the mesh barriers you can get from Aussie Gutter Protection. Our barriers keep contaminants out of the gutter and prevent birds from frolicking there.

Don’t let birds ruin your roof. Humans and wildlife can co-exist peacefully if some basic common sense is applied, and that way, everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature without the annoyance of avian home invasions.

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