Bird Proofing Steps

Prevent Birds & Pests – Bird Proof Your Home

Many homeowners across Australia are faced with a common issue – birds and other pests nesting in their gutters and roofs. As well as having to deal with the annoying scratching, rustling sounds of them making your home their own, birds and pests also carry diseases that we’re sure you’d rather keep away from your family.

While you can hire a pest control company to rid your roof of birds, it can be troubling to prevent them from coming back. That’s where gutter protection comes in.

Aussie Gutter Protection can help you rid your home of birds and pests for good by eliminating their opportunities to get inside your roof. Using high quality materials with an extensive warranty, Aussie Gutter Protection shields your home from birds and pests in four steps:

1.  Checking for Existing Birds:

Aussie Gutter Protection will first check there are no birds or pests currently inside your roof prior to installation, so that they don’t get trapped inside your roof once it has been secured.

2. Install Complete Gutter Coverage

Gutter coverage is installed with Australian made materials that are high quality and incredibly durable. This will prevent birds from being able to establish nests in your gutter, and will also keep out other debris such as sticks and leaves from building up or blocking your gutters.

3. Other Bird Protection Measures:

Gutter guards are highly effective for protecting your gutters, but you’ll need more than just gutter guards to completely eliminate your bird problem. Aussie Gutter Protection also fixes specific coverings, bird spikes and other materials to beams, perching areas and roof nooks to eliminate places birds can establish nests.

4. Final Screening:

One last inspection of the roof area and gutters will be completed to ensure all areas are covered and protected.

Each household has different needs depending on the size and layout of your home or business, so Aussie Gutter Protection will provide a customized solution to protect against birds.

With this process we 100% guarantee to prevent birds from entering your home, it will also restrict rats, possums and mice from getting into your roof.

We know the hassle that something as small as birds nesting in your roofing and gutter can cause. It can be a huge distraction from the things that really matter to you (like sleep).

For more information, on how you could get peace of mind and not have to worry about birds nesting in your house ever again get in contact with the team. We’ll ensure your home gets the protection it needs.

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