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Whether you realise it or not, your home is constantly under consideration for occupancy. We’re not talking about thieves or squatters showing up unannounced, at least not of the human variety. No, we’re talking about birds that swoop around it daily, looking for somewhere to build their nest.

One of the main places they will consider that offers shelter and protection from predators is the gutters of your home. The good news is that bird prevention is possible and the team here at Aussie Gutter Protection are the go-to people you need when you fear that birds have already taken up residence or could in the near future.

We have been providing high-quality gutter guards and installing them for Australian home and business owners for the past 18 years, and in that time we have been fortunate to deliver our exceptional products and services to over 12,000 happy customers.

How Birds Can Compromise Your Premises

At Aussie Gutter Protection, we know that if you are a property owner, you will naturally have cause for concern about the possibility of an infestation. Birds are pleasing to look at and admire, but when it comes to your premises there are a number of ways they can negatively affect you.

With bird prevention systems in place, you need not worry about fouling that can mess up the appearance of your premises, but could also pose a health and safety threat. Plenty of people have slipped on fouled walkways in the past and given the fact that bird droppings contain many types of bacteria, viruses and parasites, you really do not need the health of your visitors compromised by something that could have been easily prevented.

If you live in an area that is home to larger birds, then the integrity of your roofing could be compromised. Tiles could become dislodged and bigger pieces of debris from the building of nests could leave marks and scratches if they were to fall from a height. What’s more, if birds can make their way under tiling, they could damage insulation, which will cost a lot of money to replace.

If you do not already have bird proofing system, there are plenty of things you can look out for as key indicators that a bird infestation is already on your property. If you notice them settling on the roofs and wires in the vicinity of your home a lot, and have spotted dropping on the roof, ledges and surrounding walkways then it is very possible that they are already there.

Another red flag is if you have noticed that your gutters are blocked, or stagnant water is spilling from them down the walls. Sustained leaks can bring about rot in materials and the long-term effect of this could end up costing you thousands to rectify.

Professional bird proofing installation by Australia’s experts in bird proofing

You can’t go wrong when you choose Aussie Gutter Protection to supply and install your bird proofing solutions.

We have experience in the deployment of bird proofing products for protection of many classes of assets, and we can provide you with the best advice about which bird proofing methods and products will best protect the assets you’re looking to protect.

The most common bird proofing needs

Bird proofing is usually requested for protecting roof guttering, roof superstructure, and solar panels. These are the areas of a home or business most vulnerable to being ravaged by birds. We can also provide bird proofing solutions for other areas such as veranda posts and pergolas, for example.

Why bird proofing is important

All across Australia, wild birds cause immense amounts of damage to homes and commercial buildings. Sometimes it’s just pigeons being their usual annoying selves, but there are cases where flocks of hundreds of galahs have descended on homes to chew away at all exposed timber surfaces.

The simple installation of bird proofing can save you from costly repairs, and may even help you save a bit on your home insurance premiums, especially if you live in an area where bird damage is considered to be a major problem.

If your home relies on tank water, bird proofing becomes even more essential, because birds are notorious disease vectors. Their pathogens and parasites can easily get into your water supply if you don’t take action to keep the birds away.

Since birds are very attracted to roof gutters, that’s at least one area you’ll want to be certain to protect. An additional benefit of doing so is that you’ll no longer need to regularly clean out your guttering. Any product that helps protect your home and saves you from a tedious chore has to be a good idea.

Our bird proofing products are excellent in every way

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, our engineers developed a lightweight, strong, and flexible mesh that does its job perfectly 100% of the time.

All our bird proofing mesh is effective, but different classes of mesh are used for different kinds of asset protection. Keeping birds from damaging solar panels is a very different task in comparison to keeping birds out of your roof gutters. Bird proofing protection for solar panels must take into account the need for allowing sufficient light to pass through to enable efficient energy production. When we protect roof gutters, our priorities are different. In this case, we don’t really want anything other than water drops to be able to get through the mesh.

Using the right mesh for the right purpose is the way to ensure assets are properly protected from the ravages of wild birds.

When you want to be certain that your assets have the best protection from bird damage, make sure your bird proofing solutions are supplied and installed by Aussie Gutter Protection.

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