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Keep birds and pests out of your roof once and for all!

Bird Proofing Gutter Guard

Birds, possums, rats and other pests love a cosy roof to nest in, and if your gutters aren’t protected, they make the perfect entry point for them to make themselves at home.

Don’t put the health of your family at risk; make your roof bird-proof with Gutter Guards.

Loved by Aussie’s everywhere!

The permanent solution to bird-proof your roof

While hiring a pest control specialist will temporarily ease your pain, it still leaves your roof open to new trespassers in the future. With a 25-year guarantee on durability, our Gutter Guards will keep birds out permanently by eliminating the opportunity to get inside your roof via gutters and valleys. Here’s how we will shield your home from birds and pests.


Book your free quote and we'll be in touch

Simply fill out your details below and we’ll soon be in contact to organise a time to meet and discuss your property’s specific needs and requirements.


Checking for existing birds

Aussie Gutter Protection will first check there are no birds or pests currently inside your roof prior to installation, so they don’t get trapped inside your roof once it has been secured.


We provide you with a quote for the optimal bird protection

We quote you the best price available on a premium quality system for your home, and give you a chance to ask us any questions you might have.


You put down a deposit and schedule a date for installation

If you like what you see you give us the green light while we get to work organising the highest quality materials for installation in your new system.


Install complete bird protection

Bird protection is installed with Australian made materials that are high quality and incredibly durable. This will prevent birds from being able to establish nests in your gutter, and will also keep out other debris such as sticks and leaves from building up or blocking your gutters.
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You enjoy your new and improved roof & the peace of mind it brings

You sit back and relax knowing your gutters are now safely protected from birds, snakes and other vermin, and debris which causes fires and floods.

Ready to bird-proof your home?

Get a free quote today and be on your way to peaceful nights with no noisy, unwelcomed residents above!

The Rock Solid Aussie Gutter Protection Triple Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll be completely satisfied with our high level of customer service and the quality of our gutter protection, you’ll be given our TRIPLE guarantee.

Up to 25-year Product Guarantee

We use only the most resilient, longest lasting materials to resist the harsh Australian conditions. If any of our products fail within 15 years of purchase, we will replace it completely free.


20-year Workmanship Guarantee

Our installers are highly experienced and experts in their field, so you know when we do a job it is built to last. So, for even further peace of mind, all of our workmanship is guaranteed for 20 years.

Price-Match Guarantee

We don't only offer the best product, but the best price as well. We're so confident our prices are the most competitive in the market, if you bring us a cheaper written quote, we'll match it straight away.

Complete bird protection for your roof

Bird-proof your gutters and valleys

Our comprehensive solutions include coverage for areas such as valleys and other openings leaving no chance for unwanted visitors.

Protect your solar panels with bird mesh

Our solar panel bird protection services prevent birds from gaining access to the gap between the roof and the underside of your solar panel.

Cover openings and perching areas

You’ll get complete gutter coverage with specific coverings, bird spikes and other measures added to beams and perching areas.

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