Bird Mesh Installation

One of the most serious problems Aussie homeowners deal with in many parts of the country is damage caused by wild birds. Sometimes they are shocked to discover their insurance policies and product warranties don’t give them any cover for this kind of damage.

What they often don’t realize is that this costly damage is completely avoidable by the simple installation of bird mesh. This is a safe and effective solution that does not harm the birds but does keep them away from the assets you are protecting.

How bird mesh works

The specifics can vary a bit depending on the mesh type being used (various meshes are suitable for protection of certain types of assets but not others, and choosing the right one for each purpose is important), but the basic principle of the mesh barrier is to prevent birds from being able to get close enough to an asset to cause damage to it.

The properties of an individual mesh determine which purposes it is suited for. Protecting solar panels requires a very strong mesh material with large enough gaps to allow sunlight to easily pass through. After all, it’s not much good protecting a solar panel that is unable to do its job due to the protection. So for solar panels, it’s really important to make sure the mesh is not disruptive to solar energy collection.

Mesh designed for protecting rainwater gutters has opposite requirements to the mesh used for protecting solar panels. This mesh needs to be very fine, so that water can get through, but not contaminants like leaves, twigs, rocks, etc. The mesh, in this case, needs to be flexible enough to cope with the expansion and contraction of the metal guttering, but at the same time must also be strong enough to repel a determined attack by a bird.

Our bird mesh installation experts can provide all the advice you need

Bird proofing your home or business is a big task, even though the methods are relatively simple. Making sure it’s done properly is essential, because if the goal (keeping birds from doing damage) is not achieved, you’ll only be wasting money. Nobody likes wasting money, so make sure you have the right protections in place by consulting with our experts in bird proofing solutions.

The factors that must be taken into account when determining which bird proofing products are best suited to a particular purpose may be more complex than you expect. For example, the bird species in a certain area may be larger, stronger, and more determined than would be typical. Here, a stronger and more complex grade of mesh may be needed, but we also have to consider what the mesh is protecting.

This is why having expert advice to guide you is very helpful. With detailed knowledge of mesh products, bird species, and use case scenarios, our installers will always know which products are the best to use in a particular environment for each different purpose.

Protect your home with bird mesh installation

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