Best Sports to Play in Your Backyard

Posted on February 19, 2018
By Aussie Gutter Protection
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    Aussie summers are epitomised by games of sports and barbeques in the backyard with family and friends. As well as being a great way to keep active, it’s also an easy way to ramp up the fun at your next social gathering. The long hot days of summer are best spent outside, so it pays to keep your backyard in good nick, so the fun and games can continue.

    Backyard cricket is always a favourite, as is a friendly game of tennis, often played with generations of family members, becoming an engrained in family traditions, get-togethers and reunions.

    Here are the top games to play at your next backyard barbeque


    A game not played often enough, Croquette is an old favourite but rarely played by the younger generations. Sometimes mistakenly considered as a pastime for the ‘posh’, croquette is a fun game you can play with grandkids and grandparents alike.



    Singles and doubles tennis is a great option for family get together, so long as you have a court! If you don’t have a tennis court, you can head to a local school or tennis club for a game. Otherwise, there’s always totem tennis.



    Unlike tennis, you can make your own makeshift volleyball court in your backyard by simply erecting the nets. The rules are simple with volleyball.


    Lawn Bowls or Bocce:

    Your yard is reasonably flat and long, you can set up a mini lawn bowls rink. Otherwise, all you’ll need is some bowls.



    A more physical game, and therefore more suitable for those who are more active, AFL is a fun backyard game. Make boundaries out of small cones or even some flip-flops and you have yourself a field. Alternatively, kick to kick is something everyone can participate in.



    All you need is a Frisbee and a willing crowd for this one. You can even get light up Frisbees to keep the games going after the sun goes down. Frisbee is suitable for all ages so makes it the perfect pass time during family get togethers.



    If you’ve got a basketball hoop, you’ll have hours of endless fun on your hands. Grab a basketball for a half-court game, a dunking competition, or a shooting challenge. No skills required for this crowd friendly sport, people of all skill levels can participate.



    Backyard cricket is an Australian tradition. It’d be rude not to break out the cricket bat and tennis ball if your family and friends are over. Bats down is a great twist on backyard cricket to keep things interesting and can be more suitable for younger participants.


    Backyard sports are a favourite pastime in Australian summer, but nothing kills the fun more than a ball getting stuck on the roof or in the gutters. To keep the fun times rolling, you should consider installing gutter guard mesh in your gutters. Not only will gutter guards keep your guards free from debris such as sticks, leaves and insects, it can also prevent tennis balls and the like from getting stuck and cutting the game short.

    Talk to Aussie Gutter Protection, the leading gutter guard installation service in Melbourne, for a customised gutter protection solution to keep your gutters and drains clear, and the backyard fun rolling this summer.

    Speak to us about getting gutter guards installed for your home.

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