Autumn Leaf Fall – How to Clean them Up

Autumn Leaf Fall – How to Clean them Up

It’s Time to Clean up those Leaves 

As the days get crisper and trees slowly change to shades of orange and red, this can mean only one thing – autumn is upon us. And while autumn is a beautiful time of year, this season also brings with it the hassle of falling leaves. One day your trees are covered in golden leaves, the next the trees have shed their leaves, which create leafy piles on your yard or roof.

While it may be tempting to leave them where they land, leaf build up can cause problems down the track, so it’s best to tackle these as soon as possible.

Large leaf piles on your yard will eventually smother your grass and flowers if left as is. Should strong autumn winds blow through, your leaves may end up being transferred to a neighbour’s property (which won’t make you very popular!). Leaf build up can also clog your roof gutters.

The Right Tools For The Job:

Fortunately, there are lots of products on the market to help you clear away unwanted leaves.

  • Rake: The classic leaf-tackling tool is the rake. Rakes are inexpensive and easy to use; however raking can be time-consuming and labour intensive. If you’re up for the task of raking, make the job easier on yourself by raking when the yard is dry (wet leaves are heavier, and harder to move); rake when it’s a calm, windless day; and rake leaves into several smaller piles, rather than dragging them all from one end of the yard to the other to form one big pile.
  • Leaf blower: Save yourself some backache and use a powerful leaf blower to push your leaf piles together, ready for disposal. As with the rake, create smaller piles as you go.
  • Leaf vacuum: Similar to a leaf blower, except rather than blowing leaves around, this tool sucks the leaves up, which makes it easier for disposal.
  • Lawnmower: It’s important to keep your grass well-trimmed during autumn, as leaves will get caught in longer grass, and make them harder to remove. Once the grass is short, your lawnmower should be able to scoop up any loose leaves as you mow. Use a mulching mower to pulverize the leaves and return them to the soil.
  • By hand: If you’re physically fit or feel like a challenge, you can try tackling your leaf problem with your bare hands. Or better yet, get the kids involved – it’s a great way for them to earn a little pocket money, and will save you a lot of energy.

Disposing of Leaves:

Don’t try to rake or blow big piles of leaves off your property or to the curb for removal. Create small piles of leaves on pieces of tarp or plastic. Then drag these smaller piles to the compost or the main pile, ready for disposal.

To get rid of the leaves, pack them into brown compostable bags using a leaf chute, throw them in your compost, or mulch them down and transfer them back into your garden.

Autumn Leaf Gutter Guard

Don’t Forget Your Roof:

Leaf and foliage build up not only cause problems on your yard, but can also lead to issues on your roof.

Falling leaves can clog your roof gutters. If heavy rain strikes, this could lead to water blockages, which could cause your roof to leak, and potentially damage the interior or exterior of your home. Clumps of dead leaves on the roof itself will trap moisture, resulting in corrosion of roof materials.

Thankfully there’s a way to avoid this. With the help of Gutter Guards, your gutters will no longer be exposed to leaf fall. This protective gutter mesh will prevent build-up of leaves and debris, and will reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning, giving you more time to do things you really enjoy doing. Contact Aussie Gutter Protection for a customised gutter protection plan to find the best solution for your gutters.

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