8 Top Garden Tips for Summer

8 Top Garden Tips for Summer

Summer is here which means long nights and warm days are upon us. The days are getting hotter and dryer, and home maintenance tasks start to change from the ones you’re used to in winter.

It’s no longer about dealing with puddles, mud, and overflowing gutters, but instead trying to keep your plants well hydrated and safe from bushfires. These maintenance tasks can also depend on your location; those living in the south of Australia have dryer conditions to deal with, while further north can be more humid. Both environments can present a variety of challenges when trying to maintain your gardens.

Here are some tips to keeping your garden lush over summer:

1. Remove Any Dead Plants:

Not only are they unpleasant to look at, they can also end up being a home for pests that can spread to your other healthy plants. They can be moved to your compost pile or disposed of permanently.

2. Get Rid of Weeds:

As your plants grow, they should provide enough shade to hinder the growth of weeds, but they still need to be removed if you see them so they don’t prevent more weeds later down the track.

3. Pick Your Vegetable Plants Clean:

Fruiting plants such as tomato vines can be picked clean as the fruit begins to ripen. This will prevent the plant from producing over-matured fruit and ensures the longevity of the plant.

4. Water Your Plants in the Morning:

It’s best to water your plants before the sun rises so the heat of the burning sun doesn’t evaporate all the water before the plants have the chance to absorb it. You can also water your plants in the late afternoon but you may have to fend off those pesky mosquitoes.

5. Remove Dead Flower Heads:

Picking these off will allow the plant to focus more energy into being able to flower again. And new flowers will mean a more beautiful garden!

6. Get on Top of Pest Management:

It pays to watch for signs of pests and disease while your weeding or watering your garden to keep on top of any issues as early detection is key. Welcome the good bugs and insects such as worms and bees into your backyard, but keep the nasties out.

7. Fertilise Your Garden:

Your plants may need a top up of nutrients especially in extreme heat. Fertilising your plants will give them a nutrient boost, especially if they were planted more than a month ago.

8. Clear Your Gutters:

The beginning of summer marks an excellent time to assess the state of your gutters. With summer brings an increased risk of bush fires. One way to reduce this risk is to install gutter guards. Gutter guards are a metal mesh insert that prevents the build-up of leaves and other debris in your gutters, reducing the risk of embers starting a fire by falling into the leaves on your roof.

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